Candle Care

We lovingly make our small batches of soy wax candles and reed diffusers and hand pour them in Sheffield. We want you to get the most from each candle or product you buy from us so below are a few little candle care tips.

Reed Diffusers

  • Remove the aluminium lid and place all the reeds into the bottle, allowing them to absorb the fragrance.
  • Flip the reeds around every two weeks to give the diffuser longevity.
  • Put in a safe place where the bottle can’t be knocked over as the oil may stain surfaces if spilled.
  • Top up reeds can be purchased separately if they need to be replaced. 
  • The bottles are designed to be reused. Wash them out with hot, soapy water and re use or recycle.


  • Ideally you need to burn the candle for long enough on the first burn so that the wax creates a pool all the way to the edge of the jar – around 2-4 hours. This will ensure you get an even burn and will reduce the amount of soy wax left round the edges.
  • Trim the wick down before you re light the candle each time. Trimming the wick will give you a cleaner, brighter and more even burn. We recommend buying a wick trimmer.
  • Making sure the wick is straight before lighting will give a more even burn and make sure the jar doesn’t get too hot.
  • Replace the lid in between each burn. This will help to hold the scent.
  • Make sure the candle is away from any soft furnishings that may catch light. Keep an eye on a lit candle at all times and we suggest you burn it for no longer than 4 hours at a time. Ideally, you should burn it for the shortest time possible but allowing the wax pool to reach the edge of the jar.
  • Don’t drop anything into the hot wax such as matches as this could cause the jar to crack.
  • The jars are designed to be reused. Wash them out with hot, soapy water and fill with a plant, a tealight, sweets or anything else you can think of!

Copper Holders

  • Our copper holders use solvent to keep the parts together. Try not to put too much pressure on the joints and pull them apart.
  • Copper will naturally age. We think this gives a lovely, individual character to each design. We treat the copper after each candle holder is made but you can easily polish the copper using products you can buy on the high street.
  • Candle wax is likely to drip down on to the holder however once it has set it will easily come off.


  • Each concrete candle holder is made by hand so sizes will differ slightly.
  • As concrete naturally has air bubbles there may be some little holes or imperfections but this adds to the industrial style and means each product is completely unique.
  • Decoration on the tealight holders is hand painted so may come off if scratched of rubbed.